About Us

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We began this company out of our sheer love of shoes. As any woman can relate, we live in a world that caters to our weakness for shoes. That being said, it seems only fitting for a new product to come along that feeds into our obsession. By combining functionality and sexiness, Foot Panties bring a touch of the unexpected by transforming the look and feel of our beloved shoes.

The concept came about over a decade ago while living abroad in Asia and seeing a similar style made of sheer pantyhose with an elastic slingback. The design was smart and different but left much to be desired. At first glance, it was hard to tell if there was really a purpose for a slingback but then it seemed only obvious.  We realized that it was specially designed to not slip off and gather at the sole of your foot as most other no-show socks do, while still providing that needed comfort to uncomfy shoes. After toying around with more appealing materials, We came across a super soft elastine lace known for its durability.

The fine quality and beautiful detailing of the lace completely revamped the look. Immediately becoming sexier and flirtatious, seeming more like lingerie than hosiery. Thus, "lingerie for your feet" was born.

For several years, they were made specially for close friends and family, until after much encouragement, the decision was made to go public.  Our products first launched exclusively at the highly reputable NYC boutique,  Kirna Zabete, where international trendsetters, business women, stay at home moms and teenagers alike were able to  access them, garnering an instant following. Our styles have been worn by Hollywood it-girls like Scarlet Johansson and Rosario Dawson and have been featured in several magazines, blogs and publications.  Most importantly, all of our products are designed and manufactured in USA in our attempt to create and support local business.

Our main focus is to create something fun, stylish and affordable while adding some originality to this cookie cutter society.  As Coco Chanel put it, "A woman with good shoes is never ugly." Foot Panties is on a mission to make good shoes look and feel even better.

~Julie and Ky